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Born Margaret Astbury in 1933, Meg spent much of her childhood in Dangerfield Lane, Wednesbury. Meg continued to live in the area of Wednesbury for more than sixty years, until recently moving to Shropshire. Meg Hutchinson She left school at fifteen with no qualifications, and, as she never enjoyed school it was with a great surprise that she returned to education at thirty-three and entered teacher-training. She then taught for twenty-five years, and it was only upon retirement that Meg tried to get her work published.

Meg always wrote stories as a child and tried to continue throughout adulthood. But looking after her invalid mother only allowed a spare half an hour in the evenings. However, she practised her story-telling techniques verbally by incorporating stories into her teaching life.

Her novels are of the blockbuster style, dramatic backdrops of the Black Country, with the industrial settings of mining villages with bold characters and exciting plots. More recently she has broken into a new genre, crime writing, writing as Margaret Astbury in The hitch-hiker, followed by The seal.

She has known her husband since her early teens, and has two daughters.


Abels Daughter 1996, Ties Of Love 2004